About Cape Charles

This isn’t just a beach town whose attractions stop at the sand. The charms of Cape Charles extend all the way from the Bay through its tree-lined streets, across the vibrant retail district, and up the steps to every breezy front porch designed for rest and relaxation. Discover what sets Cape Charles apart from anywhere you’ve ever been before.

The Story of Cape Charles

Take a walk through Cape Charles, and it’s not hard to catch glimpses of its past as a prosperous turn-of-the-century railroad town. With its lovingly restored historical residences and commercial district, today’s town feels like a step back to another time.

Why Cape Charles?

People are talking about Cape Charles. Luckily, they have some pretty flattering things to say.

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Claim Your Own Slice of the Eastern Shore

Don’t be surprised if your visit to Cape Charles leads to a not-so-casual perusal of local real estate listings. The town’s scenic surrounds have been known to inspire sudden changes in life plans — especially when people realize that becoming a Cape Charles resident is easier than you may think.