Where to Find the Best Seafood in Cape Charles

Dining on fresh seafood is a quintessential Cape Charles experience. With the Chesapeake Bay to our west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east, we’re surrounded by one of the richest oyster and seafood regions in the country. Whether you want to enjoy seafood at a local restaurant or prepare it yourself at home, you’ll find plenty of options for satisfying your seafood cravings in Cape Charles.

Eastern Shore Seafood Specialties

Though you may find imported seafood on some menus, opt for local specialties if you want the freshest, most delectable dining experience. Luckily, there’s no shortage of these, no matter the time of year. Here are a few must-try Eastern Shore seafood favorites:

  • Oysters
  • Clams
  • Rockfish
  • Blue Crabs
  • Flounder
  • Croaker
  • Sugar Toads/Swelling Toads

Local watermen recommend keeping your eye out for seasonal seafood specialties. From May through September, soft shell crabs are in season. March through November is best for hard crabs. And that rule about only eating oysters during months that end in the letter R? It’s true wild oysters are best October through March.

Seafood Restaurants in Cape Charles

If you’d rather let someone else prepare your seafood, you’ll find several options in Cape Charles. The Oyster Farm and Seafood Eatery is a waterfront restaurant with a raw bar specializing in fresh local oysters. Seafood fans also love their ESVA Clam Chowder, Seafood Fra Diavolo, and Wood-Plank Scallops with risotto. Situated right on the Marina, The Shanty is another popular seafood destination for lunch or dinner. We love their Fried Oyster Po’ Boy and spicy Angry Clams. Cape Charles Brewing Company has a great Rockfish Sandwich and a Cobb Island Crab Cake Sandwich. Head to Kelly’s Gingernut Pub for She Crab Soup packed with local blue crab or the decadent Crab and Brie Pub Burger. For a more upscale waterfront experience, Hook at Harvey has a regularly rotating menu that always features a fresh fish du jour. Salt and Sand Family Restaurant on Peach St. is proud to offer local fish on their daily lunch and dinner menus. Enjoy soft shell crab bites and other local seafood dishes at A&J’s Bar & Grill on Peach St. in Cape Charles as well. 

Shop for Eastern Shore Seafood to Prepare at Home

Preparing your own seafood feast at home is a memorable part of any visit to the Eastern Shore. If you’re seeking fresh seafood in Cape Charles, these are a few of our favorite options:

  • A1 Seafood – Also located on Lankford Highway, carries a wide variety of fresh local seafood and shellfish options – including steamed crabs and shrimp!
  • Beach Market – You’ll find this source of local seafood right on Stone Rd. in Cape Charles. Check the website for what’s fresh as well as deliciously prepared foods
  • Cherrystone Aquafarms — Shop for fresh oysters and clams at this fifth-generation aquafarm located just outside of Cape Charles. They offer delivery and local pickup.
  • HM Terry — With its headquarters in nearby Willis Wharf, this family-owned company specializes in Sewansecott-brand clams and oysters — and has done since 1903.
  • Nottingham Clams and Seafood — Located on Lankford Highway, this seasonal market specializes in local clams, crabs, fish, and more.

Anyone else we’d like to list that’s open to the public?

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